We provide medical tourism services to foreigners visiting Japan from Asia and provide a wide range of consulting services at for hospitals and clinics in order to produce Japan’s cutting-edge treatment and medical technology transfers.

Our business execution employees include practitioners, professors at university hospitals, and employees of medical device manufacturers, and we utilize their respective networks to provide highly specialized services.

At the Japan-Vietnam Investment Conference hosted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), we are also making efforts for international exchange, such as promoting opportunities for business matching with companies between Japan and Vietnam. 

Our Strength

Consulting to medical institutions

From the standpoint as a doctor, we provide consulting services that utilize the real voices of medical practice and patients, mainly for the medical practice conducted by Vietnamese private companies.

In the future, we plan to introduce the cutting-edge treatments that Japan is proud of to Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mongolia and so on. 

International Medical Coordination

1. Based on the patient’s medical information, we promptly introduce medical institutions and doctors who can provide specialized treatment. We propose an estimated cost for treatment and adjust the visit schedule. We arrange consultations at hospitals of your choice and hospitals nationwide with which we are affiliated. We support a wide range of treatments from simple tests to heavy particle treatment / immunotherapy and beauty treatment.

2. During your visit to Japan, we attend according to the patient’s wishes. A medical interpreter accompanies you as needed for medical consultations and examinations, and provide appropriate advises.

3. We translate each document from the hospitalization guidance, treatment manual, consent form from the medical institution to the test result and medical certificate, and explain carefully so that the patient can be relieved and convinced.

4. We also provide transportation from the airport, accommodation, transportation arrangements, and tourist information etc. 

company overview

NameMedi Alliance LLC
EstablishedDecember 19, 2018
Capital¥5.1 million
Head Office11F Shinyoncurumu building., 4-2-23, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, JAPAN
CEO Yoko Majima
Business・ Medical tourism coordination service for foreign patients
・ Consulting services for medical institutions
・ Consulting services for medical facilities, hotels, and other accommodation facilities
・ General inbound services
・ Support project for hospital construction
・ Business related to international medical technology transfers
・ Consulting services related to medical practice management
・ Business related to medical tourism etc.
Approval Japanese government registered International Medical Coordinator and Guarantor (Registration no. B-185)